Monday, April 11, 2011

still counting...

From last night and this morning...
11) Two different Don Francisco songs coming from two different bedrooms down the hall.
12) Comfortable bed to read in at night.
13) Silky black pajama pants.
14) Two hugs from mom.
15) Singing next to Mrs. Ferrazzo.
16) Ice cream with chocolate sauce in a juice glass.
17) Head bowed with praise music on loud.
18) Quiet humming ceiling fans.
19) Curtains open casting blocks of moonlight on the wall.
20) Non-upset discussions on the ride home from church.
21) Bubbling fountain outside the dentist's office.
22) A nice hygienist who appreciates the quiet of no TV just like me.
23) Same gentle hygienist who knows not to ask questions while she brushes my teeth.
24) Celtic Thunder Bird Without Wings on the way home.
25) Circle skirts and green striped blouses.
26) Hearing You Raise Me Up, Fields of Gold, and Soul Sister while waiting at the dentist's office.
27) Rushing wind crinkling up Matti's face and blowing his hair all wild.
28) New Celtic Thunder Heritage video released.
29) Humming microwave calling me to lunch.
30) Laughing for no reason at all.


  1. I am at 50! You are inspiring to keep it up!

  2. I love hearing music I know at places I go, Forsworn Sight. :)
    Have you read the book, Lydia?? Good for you to keep the list!