Thursday, June 23, 2011

brand new day

So it's a brand new day,
new thoughts, new plans,
and all my weariness washed away,
all my thinking that I can't.
And I'm wondering why,
it's so hard for me to keep
a heart willing to try
and never give into it.
But maybe today, I'm
a little bit stronger.
Maybe today, I'll be
stronger than before. 

He says his mercies are new,
just like the start of the morning,
and if (and I know) that's true,
why am I still floundering?
But my balance is kept,
whether by my hand or another,
and my soul is swept,
with the loving hand of a brother.
And I need that hand,
to hold me ever higher,
because in this weary land,
where I'm a weeper and a sigher,
I realize I can't do it,
I realize I'm not strong enough,
so I need his help to fight it,
because he alone is strong enough.

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