Monday, July 11, 2011

Another jewel in my crown

It's sometimes hard to tell,
what becomes a jewel in my crown.
I'm not always sure,
if there's another reward placed for me up there.
And I don't know if it's important
to be able to understand,
or if my only consolation should be
that you hold me by the hand.

Sometimes the things that hurt me
are the things that seem so small to others.
The bigger things that loom in front,
oddly are so much easier to face.
It's the little word that wasn't really meant,
that breaks me down and overwhelms me,
and those are the ones that make it so hard,
as easy as it seems it would be.

I'm not sure if this is a complaint,
or if it's just an attempt to find an answer.
I know He loves to give us our desire,
but it's sometimes hard to know what to pray for.
Because I know by now that my ideas,
regarding good and regarding best,
are so different from the one who made me,
and often I find I needed the test.

So now's the time to make my decision,
choosing what is right over what's so easy.
But the hardest part about the choosing,
is that the line between them is so often blurry.
Please gently hold me, and don't let go,
but now set me on fire from above.
I'm losing sight too fast of the truest goal
show me the truth, teach me to love.

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