Monday, July 11, 2011

only earthly comfort?

When my heart feels weary of the world,

and I'm tired and aching with an emptiness I feel I don't know how to deal with,

sometimes it doesn't take very much for my heart to feel light again.

Like our amazing homemade pizza,

and curling up on the couch (or couches) to watch a movie that is very close to my heart,

and a facebook chat with a super friend,

and a midnight visit from the amazing Uncle Bill,

and some cranberry juice with crushed ice, late at night,

and a Cadfael episode with the older kids and the mum and dad,

and Phil Collins to sing me to sleep,

and a purple journal that makes me think of the beautiful friend who gave it to me.

And in a sense, those are all things of the world,

and you might say it's the things of Christ, not the worldly things, that should lighten my heart.

But I say,

those are all 'good and perfect gifts',

and they all come from Christ.

And those good and perfect gifts are what builds souls,

and that God can use whatever He wants to put me at peace.

And I also say,

Thank you, Jesus,

for what might be considered earthly treasures,

but with Spirit anointing, and wonderful grace,

strengthen this tired girl's heart,

and so add to the heavenly treasures up above.

Thank you, Jesus.

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