Thursday, August 11, 2011

Days like these

It's days like these where I want to
wear a white dress,
and remember to forget all that shouldn't be remembered.
And I want to hang colorful banners
from every window,
reminding me to remember all of the things
I never want to forget.
I want to wear a crown of flowers on my head
and remember all the times they've said,
You've said, 'You're beautiful.'
And believe it.
And I want to find an empty space somewhere,
to dance for at least an hour, all alone,
and think about how often we have to go on alone
(though not alone, really)
but how much happier it is with another.
It's days like these where I want to
curl up on a couch corner,
and read and read and become Anne of Green Gables,
for a while,
and maybe not be me until tomorrow.
And I want to get a hug from some special someones
(you know who you all are)
and remember how much easier it is than it could be,
because I am always held so close, so tight.
I want to board a train,
like the ones Harry and Hermione ride on,
and sit by the window and watch the telephone poles fly by
and think about how fast it all slips past and away and behind
us, and remember and resolve again to make it count,
and last,
while it's here.

Ever have days like those?

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