Wednesday, August 3, 2011

So the heart breaks again.
Shatters into a million pieces.
And they're scattered so far it's hard to believe they'll ever be put back together again.
“And when your heart hurts from being shattered remember God is holding the pieces and slowly placing them together. You may not feel it. But when He has them all in place He will allow them to be wielded together with love that will flow from His heart to yours and then you will recognize healing. You will feel pain no more.”
And I wonder if this healing process is one that will be completed in this life, or if the heart that breaks will be broken until the next. 
Is there any way to know? 
And I believe the heart can break every single day and still survive. The shattered pieces can break again into a million more pieces and yet we're still here, we're still enduring. Sometimes the breaking just makes the heart bigger. 
The hands of a King are the hands of a healer, and maybe this healer King specializes in broken hearts. 
And I think I would rather have a shattered heart than no heart at all. 
"Sometimes it does hurt to be healed."


  1. Perhaps one of my favorite posts you've ever written. The way it spoke to my heart and resonated with the way I was feeling is amazing. The last two lines are especially amazing.
    "I think I would rather have a shattered heart than no heart at all."
    "Sometimes it does hurt to be healed."