Sunday, September 11, 2011

Song of Gomer

Hidden by another layer
are the layers of my broken soul.
And I'm reeling,
so I steady myself
by what I've been told will keep me whole.

I've looked for love
so many different ways
for my whole life now.
But every way I've tried
always falls short somehow.

Unknowing, I'm pressed
inside this steel barred cage.
And spread out before me,
accusingly lies my
scribbled life's page.

They've all come and gone now,
leaving me bleeding, crushed and broken.
Losing hope in hopeless
memories, I weep, realizing
never was one word of true love ever spoken.

I used my money up
buying love a long time ago.
but you paid the higher price,
buying me, empty of love,
by letting your own life go.

So I'm half crazy now,
starved for love and willing to do anything
to find that love connection.
but you are the foolish one,
risking everything
to show me your
crazy affection.

Ashamed, untrusting
that your love could be true,
I wait for you to turn your back so I can flee.
But once I'm gone
and can't move on,
I realize inside your heart
lives all of me.


  1. You might even rival Michael Card. ; )
    (well, not really, but it still is very beautiful)