Thursday, September 8, 2011

I haven't felt this way since my heart broke at the beginning of the summer
she said, and I said, what happened then
And she didn't say anything for a minute, but when she did her voice was quiet. 

That was when he cried and told us they were moving away, 
and I cried too, on my mother's shoulder, 
and wished the hurts in life didn't hurt quite so much.
It was when we passed the gas station, she went on and I let her. 
The one where they filled our van with gas the last night when all of us went out together. 
And it seems a little funny, don't you think, she said, 
and her eyes were very wet now, 
that a place I pass every week should just tonight trigger that pain, but it did.

Why tonight, I asked, and she sighed. 
Because tonight is the beginning of a new year of what they started last year,
 and it's been a beautiful night but I can't help feeling sad 
because they're not here to share it with us. 
So your heart broke again tonight, I said, 
and she said, oh, I didn't know it could break twice

She was silent for a minute and then she turned away, 
and I knew it was to hide the crying. 

Then she whispered, yes, I think it did


  1. Well done :)
    This one is rather enigmatic. I like it.

  2. thank you! :) I'm actually a little surprised you like it because it's really not grammatically correct, and I wasn't entirely sure if that would turn someone like you off of it. :D
    It's a very similar style to a guy named Brian Andreas; I haven't read any of his books, but I've read many quotes of his and they're kind of my obsession lately. However grammatically incorrect, it is a rather soothing style to read and to write.
    and it's about my youth group leaders who left this summer, in case you wanted to know. :)