Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Sometimes I wish I could just fast-forward past the decision making, she said,
and just do and not have to decide anymore,
and I laughed and she said, why are you laughing,
don't you ever wish that too.

And I said, well I used to, but at some point you eventually realize
that the decision making never ends,
and that every single day,
every minute in fact,
is a decision.

What decision is that, she said, and I said,
well ultimately it's a decision between right and easy,
and choosing right won't always hurt, and it will be worth it even if it does,
but it will hurt a lot sometimes.

And she said, does it ever stop, or does it at least get any easier,
and I said, it will get easier with time.
The more you decide to do right,
the easier right will seem,
but you will always have the crossroads,
and right isn't always very clearly distinguished from easy.

But it doesn't end, she said, and I said,
well not in this life,
but remember we have the next life after this one,
and I don't know for sure whether we'll have decisions to make or not,
but I do know for sure that right will be easy in that life,
and choosing right will never hurt.

Well that is comforting, she said,
and I agreed with her. 

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