Tuesday, November 1, 2011

then fall the tears

chilling to the bone,
the cold cuts my heart,
without any feeling,
icy shock tears me apart.

waiting for the pain,
the warmth of feeling tears,
escape the numbing shock,
as sorrow's flood appears.


  1. aww..this one makes me sad! God has really given you a gift with words. I read these simple little phrases but feel so much emotion!

  2. thanks, Jenna! I appreciate your sweet comments a lot. right now the pain I feel is for others around me -- which perhaps is the sweetest sorrow.

  3. but sometimes also the hardest sorrow.

  4. I agree with you whole-hardheartedly! It is very sweet to share in another's sorrow but it is also very hard not know what to do. But just them knowing that you are weeping with them and mourning with them makes the sorrow somewhat lighter and easier to carry! And in due time this sorrow will blossom into joy unspeakable with the continual sanctification of Christ!

  5. Wow Londa, You have such a gift with words! You couldn't have said this any better! This is hard stuff to write about. Love this poem!