Friday, November 4, 2011

hope and love are what we have... and it will not put us to shame

And the love that binds us together
in Christ Jesus,
will bind us together when everything else falls apart,
and the hope that we share together
in Christ Jesus,
will be our hope when it all comes down.

And He will be our home in this 
fearful, fallen place,
and He will bring us home 
when times reaches fullness, and 
when he moves His hand.

And we have reached a point where
this world does not satisfy
–this world cannot satisfy–
and all we can do is hold onto the hope we are given,
that this too shall pass,
and that this fallen world is not our home.

So we cling together to what we have
–love and hope–
and we find that is more than enough to hold onto. 


  1. Sounding more and more like Ann Voskamp. I think the poem's point of view matches the one she often uses. Hopefully that will be taken as a compliment…though I don't know if that's what you were necessarily going for. ; )

  2. P. S. I love the Michael Card quotes which are very nicely worked in.

  3. hah, ever since I read her book, my writing style changed quite a bit. I write like her subconsciously a lot of the time. and this one wasn't meant to be that way, it just came to me very suddenly, but thank you! because i definitely take it as a compliment.

    michael card's lyrics deserve to be worked into just about anything. he is my man. I can't wait to talk poetry and Jesus with him in heaven. :)

  4. Lovely! I love Michael Card too,all his songs are written with such moving words and passion I could not match even if I tried.

  5. thanks, Liz! i agree! Michael Card has such a gift -- i've never heard any other song writer who had as many good lyrics. I'm so thankful to God for him.

  6. such encouragement in Love. . .

    this song came to mind:

  7. great song! I loved it. thanks for sharing.