Sunday, January 22, 2012

pieces of the answer?

Holding them together
like a puzzle made of glass
we see it only dimly now,
but reflected, see our face–

Broken in the shattering
of the memories of our thousand lives
in the corner putting it together
as we hunger, Lord, for you to give.

But we're carrying our pieces
we thought we lost along the way
that we can't seem to let go of
we say we'll get rid of them another day.

And we ask for peace of conscience
and say we'll get better with time
but we are still holding the pieces
of our broken, shattered lives.

Just looking for an answer
some sort of why behind the what
we are all of us in the gutter
and we've forgotten to look up.

So we drown in all our sadness
and we ask again for peace,
we cry, Lord, you hold the pieces,
now complete your masterpiece.