Sunday, January 22, 2012

just the promises

I don't have anything to bring with me, she said, 
and then she said, well, except this, 
and she showed it to me, and it was just a piece of paper 
with writing all over it, but when I saw what the writing was 
I said, well that's a lot isn't it, 
and she said, yes, it is. 

How many did you write down, I said,
and she said I don't know, I didn't count them,
but there are a lot, and this isn't even close to
all of them. 

Then I said, you know, somewhere it says
all His promises find their Yes in Him, and she said,
yes, I thought of that too.

Isn't it nice, she said, that even though we have nothing
that we did to prove ourselves to Him,
we can bring all these promises to Him 
and let Him prove Himself to us?


  1. Lovely. I've been thinking about something kind of similar, but it wasn't into words yet. This kind of puts it into words. Vera, vera nice.

  2. I actually wrote this a few months ago and didn't think it was very good at the time, but I found it today and liked it better than before so I decided to put it up.