Tuesday, March 20, 2012

she understood

i don't think i'm ready to love you yet she whispered sadly
like a girl who's been hurt by the world and doesn't know true love when she sees it.

i don't think she realized yet that when he said he loved her
he really meant it. 

it will only take a minute, he says gently, as he reaches out his scarred hands,
and his face looks like the face of one whose heart had been broken. 

she didn't even know why he wanted her and he said 
i love you 
he said it again. 

i didn't know that happiness could hurt so much she sobbed into her sleeve.

do you understand now, he said,
and she said i'm starting to.

"smiling through her tears, as she gives her heart away, 
she understood that Love was everything"


  1. This our God who is gloriously personal. This is The Holy One who binds up the broken hearted. Who carries his children even into old age. Who holds them by the hand.
    This is the Spirit who grieves when we reject him, but rejoices when accept him. This is the God who cares so deeply for us and our relationship to him that he won't stop pursuing us until we love him completely. Our love is that important to him? Our love is that important to him! Floored. Dumbstruck. Awed. Humbled.

  2. Wow! This really speaks to me,just what I needed to hear today! Thanks Londa!