Tuesday, March 20, 2012

some one once told me I feel too much

and I said well so does God 
and that's why you can see the 
grand canyon from the moon. 
-andrea gibson

this morning i have already felt...

the bump of my window sill on my chin as i sat up to see the sunrise from my bed.

the wave of my hair as i pull it back into a loose drapey braid.

the curve of the mug in my hands.

the hard pavement on bare feet when i can't think any longer so i run away.

the fabric of story in the crinkly paper pages of the Book about the universe.

the sweetness of the butter and the flour and the sugar all spreading out in the shortbread pan.

the weight of ivory wannabees, and i press the notes to play my heart.

the rush inside me when the chords come just right and everything unimportant fades from vision.

If I were a colour today, I would be yellow. 
If I were a feeling today, I would be a squeeze-tight hug. 
If I were a teardrop today, it would be a happy one. 

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