Wednesday, March 14, 2012


warm trickle of water running like sand through my clenched fists...till it is gone completely, leaving me empty, but I am cleansed.

feet hard on cold pavement, chasing a dream that can never be...but you don't know it yet, so why not chase it anyway.

child's hand on my face, to really know who I am, and they laugh and I do too...but inside I'm aching with an inexplicable depth of love for how much they love me.

wind fiercely touching hair, till a hundred weary thoughts fly just as fast, and with my head held high, I feel beautiful again.

the tear that slides perfectly down the curve of your cheek, to meet the the curve of your smile, finding a place between the heavy silent sighs.

the soft warmness of my teddy, and how he fits just right under my chin... unconditional love covering the both of us.

your hand on my shoulder, like a steady current of purpose, no need for you to say it in have touched my heart with all of you.

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