Wednesday, May 16, 2012

happy thoughts

i believe in whipped cream on coffee

and eating ice cream late at night right out of the cardboard container.

i believe that baby hugs are the sweetest gifts

and that hot showers cure a multitude of ills.

i believe in the sophistication that is large bouncy earrings

and that the wind and rain and sun will give you the most lovely complexion you can ask for.

i believe moments were created to be captured

and that a picture is worth a thousand words

but there is certainly something beautiful to be said about a thousand words that flow from a burning heart.

i believe in empty pages with pens and words to fill them

and laughter being the strength that holds us together when everything goes wrong.

i believe that upside down is the only way to look at the world sometimes

and a cup of tea or coffee can never ever be large enough.

i believe in songs to play when everything is sad

and that a movie in the middle of the night while curled up on the couch is one of the happiest happenings.

and always always always

i believe the best is yet to come.

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