Monday, June 25, 2012

Saturday (early) morning

Randomly, (or not so randomly, as the case may be) we got caught in a terrific rain storm while in the plane in Miami and a luggage cart rolled into an engine and put the engine out. How ridiculous can we get?
So they deplaned us (is that a word?) and after a few hours chilling in the airport – mexican restaurant with James, Kevin, Zach, Isaiah and Allison (total win), Phase 10 with a bunch of us and peanut butter pretzels with Justin and Hannah and Mr. Davenport bought us snacks at Starbucks to share – we climbed on another plane which, after just a few minor delays, took off without too much difficulty.
The flight itself was rather enjoyable – comfortably sandwiched between Allison and Cat, I snuggled under the cheap airplane blanket, discussed life with the two of them, watched the second half of The Vow and ate a semi-tolerable airplane supper with three cups of coffee not preventing sporadic dozing- offs in the least.
Arriving in Lima was a nice relief. It was great fun to be outdoors in Lima (last time we didn't go outside the airport) and the night air was positively glorious. We met Alleen who greeted us with overflowing joy and enormous hugs, remembering all our names and giving us bottled water, and we clambored into a luxurious bus which brought us safe and happy to our hotel in Lima. It is crazy how much these streets feel like home to me, and it's not even Trujillo yet. I like that everything is not deliriously new and exciting but it is dear and comfortable and though not completely familiar, it is so home to my heart.
I am exploring again the wanderer instincts of my heart. I think I create homey bubbles around myself wherever I go, because I haven't been to a place where I couldn't make myself enjoy it. But I also don't think I could stay in one place all my life.
I am also thinking about how life is either a daring adventure, or nothing. I think my new goal in life is to take leaps of faith every day, every moment, because that is optimism. When we are in the thrilling survival mode of adventures and mission trips, optimism comes easily, and I think it's because we're planning on adventure. I think I should plan on adventure every day of my life.
The hotel here is beeyootiful. So luxurious. Christina, Allison and I are sharing a room. We feel rather guilty and spoiled. And now, at the horrendously ungodly hour of 3:30 in the morning, bed is calling us very loudly.
God is good. Let's bring it this week.

Saturday (a little later) morning

I tossed and turned for close to an hour last night (morning?). It was 3:30? Anyway, when I could sleep, it felt amazing. Aside from restless dreaming. Still, sleeping in a bed was fabulous. And a shower was almost as amazing as a bed. I am fresh and clean and we are getting ready to go down for breakfast.
I am wearing my peruvian bracelet that Jess got me here last year. I miss her being here so much. Her and Sarah both.

Our hotel room in Lima.

Right outside our door. It was a beautiful hotel.
The restaurant on the beach.
My amazing breakfast. Yes, that is Ice Age yogurt. 
It was Mr. Shepherd's b-day so the restaurant made him a cake.
It was amazing. Peruvians really know  how to cook.
The hotel from up above.
The breakfast room.
Walking the streets of Lima.

Overlooking the Pacific Ocean.
Our restaurant for brunch
The Shepherds--such a sweet couple 

Please notice Nathan's face in this one :)
Our luxurious hotel
The Indian Market in Lima 

Nathan w/ his new stuffed animal

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