Monday, June 25, 2012

Saturday night

I missed Oscar last night. I hugged the extra hotel pillow all night to compensate, but of course it's nowhere near the same.
Apparently I look like a bird when I sleep. Who knew? Mr. DeBoer and Cat both agree. Pastor Trice says some birds are very very beautiful and Mr. DeBoer said it was very cute. I guess I'll take it as a compliment. :)
It was a long but nicely long day. We had coffee in the hotel and then walked to a fab restaurant on the beach for brunch. The food was delish and along with everything else I got Ice Age yogurt just for the fun of it and more coffee. Sandwiched between Mr. DeBoer and Mr. Dollar with Pastor Trice across from me. I love it.
Then we went shopping in a very enchanting, fascinating Indian Market in Lima. I bought a stunning purple bead bracelet and a soft green scarf. I also got Magdalena some earrings and then found a little super cute wooden llama. So I will always have a bit of Peru to take with me.
Finally we left for the airport and got on our plane to Trujillo. LAN airlines once again proved their coolness with very profesh flight crews, comfy seats, and fab snacks.
Dusty breeze ruffles our hair all the way down the airplane steps. It smells strongly like a farm and it feels like early Spring. The clouds hang thick in the early evening and all around, as far as you can see, the landscape is flat and dusty. Welcome to Trujillo. It's so good to be back.
The Davenports were there at the airport. Kevin has grown two feet, Ellie is even more stunning than before (if that was possible) and Bonnie is dear and sweet and ever so precious. It was so good to see them and hug them and hear them talk and laugh.
To add to the rush of emotions, the bus waiting for us at the airport is the bus, the one and same from last year. Nostalgia and memories spread like a contagious disease.
We opened the windows and the cool night air blew on our faces with all the dreadful familiar smells and tangled our hair. It is not an ocean breeze or a mountain chill and it's dusty and dirty and mostly ugly but something here has been calling me for a long time. And I love it. With my whole heart.
Christina, Allison and I are in a triple room which is charming and delightful. Crazy loud spanish music is floating through our open window. My head is throbbing, I am full from the delish peruvian-chinese food we had for supper and I am the usual mess of emotions. Thankful, so thankful.
a hotel which makes me cry for the flood of memories attached to it
chilling in the back of the bus with Justin and Hannah
Cat knowing exactly how I feel about all this and feeling the same way
Hannah saying "those Davenport girls love you so much, Londa"
Justin telling me, "Yeah, chica!" :)

In the room right across the hall from my room w/ Jess last year 
View from our window

Peruvians do know how to grow flowers

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