Monday, June 25, 2012

Tuesday morning

I can't believe we haven't even begun day two of working. Quite reassuring, actually, that it's not flying by as I expected it to. I'm excited about today working with the construction crew.
Yesterday my faith in what we're doing was waning and during breakfast and the bus ride I second guessed it all again. What do we think we're doing, using hundreds of dollars to bring us here where we are treated amazingly well and we work for four days and that's it? How is it at all worth it?
Oh how quickly I doubt.
At Parque Industriale, Pastor Percy gave a devotional, which Pastor Wes translated. I don't remember most of what he said, but it was about love and mercy and he talked about how much it meant for us to come and encourage them and work beside them. We will dig and dig and not finish much of anything, probably. We will throw candy and stickers and balloons at these children and pray that they see something deeper, too. But we will probably never know the results from most of our labors. It is very small things we're doing. We will probably never know about the one child whose seed of love was planted at the right time and watered by us and he gave his life to Christ. We will never see it. And no, it won't be worth it if we do it as if it's not worth it. Remember; we can do no great things, only small things with great love.

Last night was gloriously fun and achingly beautiful. The Davenports are so fabulous. Supper was amazing, the kids and I love each other to death, and I absolutely adore Mr. and Mrs. Davenport. I made balloon swords for Seth and Joseph and then everyone wanted one. The backyard was chaotically crazy and happy with balloon sword fights. 
When we got back to the hotel, Allison and I ran up to the roof, planning not to stay for very long. But we started talking about life and we talked and talked. We are very good for each other, I think. Kevin proceeded to come up and plop himself down in the middle of the conversation and James followed a little later, so we shifted our gears of conversation and instead had a long fun, good conversation with the four of us. Definitely good bonding time. 

Tuesday afternoon

The sky is spectacular right now. Peeks of sunlight through cloud openings. Perfect. Glorious. The breeze is breath-taking here on top of the roof (my fave part of the hotel). 
Today has been fab. I dug in the hole and out of the hole and hauled rocks and raked rocks and excavated rocks and dug some more. With a fine layer of dirt covering me, I finished the work day tired but very content and happy. Allison and I both agree that this kind of labor is so satisfying and gratifying. Pastor West told us that the neighbors are surprised and impressed that north americans will come all the way to Peru to dig ditches, but especially so when the chicas are digging too. That put a smile in our hearts for sure. 
Lunch, again, of course, was super -- even better than yesterday. I had my nail polish with me so I painted Ellie's and Bonnie's nails. Oh my goodness, I love those girls so so much. 
After lunch we went back to Parque Industriale and most of us played soccer while I did Bonnie's nails, and then Mrs. Dav, Mrs. Shepherd and I hung out in the bus and had some fantastic quality time and conversation while watching the soccer game. Those two women are such a blessing and encouragement it is unreal. Please God can I be like them when I grow up?
Now I am freshly showered and exhausted in a purple skirt to match my purple bracelet, watching the sun set from the hotel roof. 
I am so very very very blessed. 

Tuesday night

Though exhausted physically and emotionally tonight, supper at the Smiths was delightful. They are such a chic family and are very fun to be around. Mary Allen (almost 5) is crazily outgoing and friendly. Abigail and Adelide took a little more time to warm up to us, but by the end of the evening they were laughing with all of us ridiculous older people just as much as Mary Allen. Then the Davenports showed up and the girls went nuts. They are great friends, which is so good to see. Hermes (Alleen's husband of three months) and his band played and sang for us, and it was fantastic. Definite skillz there. 
Highlight of the day or maybe week was Mr. Dollar's devotional tonight. I wish I could remember it. I am waay too tired, but it was wonderful. Truly. I know it involved Philippians 1 and that he talked about how living is Christ and dying is gain. So good. I am so grateful for all the cool people here. Bed sounds amazing right now.

Cat and Hermes 
The amazing Pastor Percy 
Rock stars

Painting Bonnie's nails

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