Monday, June 25, 2012

Wednesday afternoon

Another wonderful day. Maybe my fave so far. Despite the fact of my persistant headache. 
I woke up early so breakfast was long and leisurely eaten. Mrs. Dollar sweetly provided tylenol for my throbbing head. 
Mr. Dav did the devotional at the work site and it was fantastic. (Remember: God owns the earth and no place, event or circumstance is unfamiliar to Him). He talked about how good it was to realize/remember that when they were first moving to Peru, and still even now. 
Work was even better today than yesterday. We got almost the entire trench dug. I pretty much got the best abs/back/arms workout ever. I'm sure I will feel it so tomorrow. For the first time in a long time, I poured my mental as well as physical energy into my work and simply enjoyed my screaming muscles and the dirt and dust without painful thought processes. It was glorious. 
Justin said, "Whoa, Londa, great shovelling there! You've made so much progress." And "You Englishes are like a machine." We do work well together. I feel very spoiled by everyone's compliments this week. 
Affectionate Seth grabbed me in a huge bear hug from behind and said "I want to sit with you for lunch!" I ended up sandwiched between him and Joseph. So much fun. 
My headache refused to leave and I know I am in serious need of more sleep, so I am curled up on my dear bed after a lovely shower and just about ready for a nap. Everyone (mostly) else went to the market. Andy and Mr. Dollar are sick today. 
I am contented and happy right now. Which is kind of a big deal at the moment. Thankful and richly blessed. Christina and Allison are the best roomies. Allison's endless supply of gum is also nice. 

THE bus 
Pouring the foundation for the Church in Parque Industriale

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