Sunday, June 3, 2012

we counted drops in the ocean,
we watched the weather change,
and our wistfullest longings
became words on a page.
we wrote down our stories,
we banked all our hopes
in what we believed in--
these anchors and ropes.
but sailors find unexpected
treasures in the sea.
some rusty and dirty,
their value hard to see.
we kept on with our writing
the words bled from our hands,
and waves washed away the
hearts we traced in the sand.

for one final answer
we searched and we longed
we forgot what was right
and we forgot who we'd wronged.
we fought for a freedom
we didn't deserve,
we steered our course straight,
didn't plan on the curve.

these fistfulls of wood splinters
just add to the bleeding;
our scars blend in seamlessly
to the futures we're reading.
with our unexpected treasures
we watched the sun rise
as darkness left dusky shadows
and brightness entered the skies.

on this shipwrecked boat,
i still believe in saviours.


  1. This stole my heart. I would like permission to put it on my mirror? :D

  2. Absolutely you may! I'm so glad you liked it. :) I'm guessing you saw some Listener references. :)