Tuesday, June 12, 2012


the raindrops come and go with the ebb and flow of tears on this winding, lonesome, familiar road home. but we are not Home yet.

like butterfly's wings breaking against the windshield we hold our breath and wait for the hit. but it is a slow break and no amount of preparation can ever make us ready for it. in all the mess and hurts and imperfections this world is a Stranger one to us. we weren't made to be this fragile and easily broken. but for all of that, we are here, and there is no accident in all this. and in unexpected heartaches and unwanted confusions we find all we understood or thought we understood we cannot understand even now.

we bruise and batter so easily in this World that so desperately seeks to choke our hope and steal our love. i bruise you and you bruise me and before we have a chance to heal we have shattered completely. and we are still shattered.

but like puzzle pieces in Your hand we have more than just shreds of Hope, no matter how small they may look right now. this is not the ending. and no matter how many times we break, there is an end to that. and the ways we will be healed fill all of Eternity.

we have shattered and it was only when we saw how far the pieces spread that we realized how far we have to go. but here, even here, in the disguised blessings of raindrops and the severe healing of tears and the confusing mercy of sleepless nights we have You here to walk with us. we have You to carry us Home. and oh how we need that right now.

hear us now.
      be our Hope.
              bring us Home.

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