Saturday, August 11, 2012

happy endings?

She always ended her sentences without a question mark.
Every story she wrote ended with a happily ever after.
And she never wrote a song without ending with hope.

And maybe that's okay; we do always have hope. The real ending is always for us a happily ever after.

But sometimes when we're caught in the middle, it seems so false and trite to pretend we believe in happily ever after. Our last ending before the beginning of forever will be a happy one, and then we'll really live happily ever after. But not every ending is happy. Sometimes the characters leave and we'll never ever see them again. And then the hope is hard, so hard to find.
And I think it's also okay to end with a question mark sometimes. Because who do we think we are, having this hope thing all figured out? We've got so much to learn.

How does life even work when we're not broken? Will these hearts ever not be torn in two?

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