Saturday, October 6, 2012

endless hallelujah

at some point our love has to morph from
something dependant on how we're treated
--though we do have the promise of eternally
being treated right and well and best--
to something totally beyond that.
i mean, you have to get past the dusty theology
which is real and true and hopeful but
ultimately can't be our core.
that is to say, that all that aside,
even if He couldn't promise the pain to ever leave,
i would never want to live through it
without Him.
i am way too attached to this guy
to ever let Him go.
it's that nearly ridiculous committment
and loyalty
that is all beyond logic and reason.
an attachment that is endless
because He loves and is faithful and He's
not afraid to prove it.
and you just don't walk away from a
love that strong.

i guess what i mean especially is
that this kind of attachment is not easy or painless--
why do people always forget to tell us
how much love hurts?--
but its potency is in the fact
that it's endless.
that even when our hallelujah's
completely broken,
it is still never ending.
and when that burn of love digs inside
and becomes our core,
then i swear,
we are infinite.

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