Wednesday, October 3, 2012

life is beautiful

a pool of light.
of hope and fear.

throbbing dread
splayed out
all wobbly.
the tension lasts too long
the release never lasts long enough.

but in myriads of colour
bleeding or not
it is a rainbow of priceless beauty.
the catch in our throats
too far apart to touch
our hands are empty silent
and i never quite trust that mine
will leave loneliness behind.
but the colour bursts again
and whispers again,
countless repetition,
every breath you take
is a miracle.
is it?
is it a miracle to be here
is it a miracle to wake
and not know how to put one foot
in front of the other?

but you were made for so much more than this.
so much greater love to fall on you
every single day.
this is not love you have to wait for,
just love you can run into.
things get better every day,
though you can't see it now.

so that is the miracle.
it feels like breaking
but it will spread
warm as light
through the depth of the hurt
and you will be happy and wholesome again
and love will not leave you empty.
that is why you can wake up tomorrow
and pinch yourself
because this is so unreal.
so unreal that you might know this
kind of love.

that is how we remember

life is beautiful.


  1. Good words, as usual, Londa. Have you seen the movie of the same name - "Life is Beautiful"?

  2. Thank you, Dan. I haven't; do you recommend it?

  3. Yes, highly. It's an Italian film that explores the range of human moods and emotions, from delightful and hilarious to heartrending, through the story of an Italian Jewish man who falls in love with and marries an Italian woman and becomes a wonderful father, set during World War II and the Holocaust. Definitely up your alley, I think.