Thursday, October 18, 2012

the colour red.

you're a star in the sky
shining bright
and you fly
like a shooting star
you will travel far
but you close your eyes to all this.

you're a boat lost at sea
sailing lonely
and you're looking for me
but you find
salty wind
in your eyes and it closes them.

and the beat of your heart
locked inside these festering walls
isn't enough to pump blood deep red
when you bleed so flailing dry.
in an ocean of tears
you cut lines of your fears
in your arms that trembled
as you scrawled
not strong enough.

reluctant return
you're a lost lonely child
eyes shot through wild
of hopelessness and sleepless nights.
you build walls till they fall
in your wide awake nightmares
of questions without end.

pretend what you are
when you are what you're not
oh child, so caught,
in the pain of your darkness.
so i scrawled on your arms
what i call you, my own,

bleed yourself dry and i still love you.

i gave more than enough blood for an eternity of you. 

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