Saturday, October 20, 2012

shades of october

shades of grey
a hundred faces
i looked at again and again
and never saw.

but the leaves,
they change come fall,
and october
rolls in with mornings
of fog
and soon bursts into brightest
blue skies.

october --
reminiscent of happiness,
of anticipation
that is quiet-died
inside me now.
i've learned all about
that happiness that
easily dies
and i haven't a drop
this october around.
not enough happiness, no,
but this little portion of
heavy stuff i cling to
isn't the happiness that
easily dies.

glad to have you back, he said,
as i broke open one
more time.
falling for october once again.
along with it,
a hundred other things.
maybe this time
i'll just keep falling.
it will be an awfully big adventure.

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