Saturday, November 24, 2012


rushing all out of my
pulsing heart.
the tenderness,
or the bittersweet,
i cannot figure all the puzzles out,
but their music makes
me sing along with it.

i will never admit i am scared,
but the rush of joy
makes me as frightened
as the sudden ache.
the pain lingers,
but this time
i know how
to hold it.

words all fly away
into the wind too fast
that passes between us.
if i had a hand to hold
i could make it to
the other side.
so i will take Yours.

my head is all a-jumble
of noisy card games
and walks in the still quiet of the time
before the sun rises
and fires burning bright
with our voices surrounding
and sometimes this loveliness
hurts too much to even hold onto.
but i can't let go.

my heart is all a-flurry
like the giddy falling
in love
with every detail,
every piercing ache which makes
my Longing only deeper,
with every joy which makes the
path steeper but more bearable.

and when i let You near enough to touch me,
i can feel again.

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