Friday, December 21, 2012

in celebration of a beautiful girl

today marks the day a most beautiful girl entered the world.
her name is Magdalena,
she is of German birth,
lived in England for much of her life,
and currently lives in Wales.
(in other words, terribly exotic)
she loves cats and music
has good taste in films
has a fabulous knack for writing sweet notes
and is good at being honest, encouraging, and affirming.
she loves theatre (kindred spirit)
and though i've never seen her perform,
i am sure she is spectacular.

this girl came into my life unexpectedly, through a series of events which
are too complicated and long to explain here.
i met her online, first, and skyped with her a few times before
she spent the entire summer here in the too-hot weather of our dear North Carolina.
i have had an abundance of wonderful people enter into my life
but Magdalena holds a place in my heart different from any other.
i don't know the next time i will see her again,
and i do not email her nearly enough,
but she never leaves my heart.
she is the older sister i never had and
i am so privileged to know her.

i thank God for bringing this beautiful girl into my life,
for giving her a loving heart and a multitude of gifts and talents,
for the plans that He has for her,
and for what He has and will bring to pass in her life.

i love you so dearly, Magdalena Mohr. happy birthday.

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