Sunday, September 4, 2011

Paralyzed Heart

Paralyzing, full possession,
this breathless rush leaves me delirious,
Intoxicating, heedless falling,
and I'm completely caught in the mysterious.

Vision blurring, all is hazy,
through the involuntary flow of happy tears,
Your foolish, crazy, stupid love,
and I can't fight–you've trumped my fears. 

Relentlessly, your eyes still hold mine,
your pursuit of this girl's heart will never end,
You smile at my own stubborn crying,
and I relent in the love of your stubborn heart that won't bend.

I soon lose my heart inside myself,
forgetting you're the one who first heard my broken plea,
Forgetting you're the one who never let go,
forgetting you're the one who'd rather die than live without me.

If you only knew how scared and ashamed I am,
you'd know why my eyes won't meet your own,
If you even realized how broken and foolish and weak I am,
you wouldn't be the crazy one wanting me to come.

But all you do is pull me to your heart,
till I'm caught in your arms that hate can't rend,
and you hold all that's shattered together with holy breath,
and you whisper, love, when I say forever, I mean it will never end.


  1. Awesome! The last bit "really touched my 'eart." Yeah, but seriously, amazing, breath taking. Our God is amazing! And I thank Him that He gave me a sister like you!

  2. thanks! it was rather exhilarating to write, though it didn't come super easily. I was trying for a long time to write another poem, completely different than this, and it wouldn't come, and this one sort of started.