Saturday, September 3, 2011

We look back on all our past, and fondly remember those times when we felt secure, and weren't confused, and were stable in what we knew was right and what we knew was wrong, and we say, those were the happy times. And maybe they were the happy times, as long as by happy we don't mean best. 

Because honestly, those times when you hadn't a bally clue where to turn, or what to do, and you were completely confused as to what was right and what was wrong, those were the times when you grew. And every time you grew, you became a little bit more of who you were meant to be.

And that's why, in retrospect, we can look back and say, yes, it really was all for the best. And then we say again, when all is blurred and confused and you feel so lost you don't know where to step next, okay, it's all for the best. And it's just another step to you becoming perfect.

And in the end it really will all make sense.


  1. You have no idea how much I needed this at this very minute.

  2. *contented sigh* sometimes, Bekah, I wonder if all the things I feel and discover are really worth it, because so many people don't feel the same way about them (not this in particular) and then I remember you and knowing we connect like this makes me realize how worth it it all is.

    and you needing this right now gives me a strange sort of grace and contentment -- pulls me away from what feels like such a self-focused day and knowing I've been a blessing. I love you, Bekah.

  3. I love you too! I'm gonna see you in exactly 12 days. So begins the countdown till my long awaited Londa hug. :)

    The things we experience are always worth it. It's like this, I think. When you're building a puzzle some pieces fit in right away, others take time but it's never too long before you find where they belong and why they're shaped the way they are.....then still others are left till the very end. They're oddly shaped and discolored. They don't seem to belong at all, but when you get to the end of the puzzle they fall in like they were made for it. Indeed they were. And suddenly you realize you wouldn't ever want the puzzle without them, despite the grief they put you through trying to place them all that time. And the picture is so beautiful - you wouldn't trade it for an easier puzzle, not ever. :)