Friday, October 26, 2012

when a heart breaks.

a short volume of pain
composed in apologetic words
flying through cyberspace
to reach me--
just enough words
to let me know that
everything's fallen through,
and my heart falls too

and shatters a million directions 
at once.

and all my insides cramp tight
to shield from crashing walls, broken,
shooting sparks and i buckle, fight,
and why now, after everything else?

red eyes
as i lose sleep and salt water.
just i quietly wonder if it's endless here,
or if one day, perhaps,
once upon a time, might,
go somewhere.

and a heart worn old and cynical locked inside flesh too young
looks out sees life bleak,
not beautiful.

so quickly it changes
from naivete and stubborn strength
to bleeding deep despair. 
a corrosion begins when the death happens invisible inside
and how to get rid of the rotten
and it is so hard and cold. 

oh how i need You now.

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