Thursday, November 1, 2012

seeing red

it is not rose-coloured glasses, she said,
except for stained rose because of the
blood stains--His blood stains.

it is never that we did not break, he said,
only just that we actually did break
in all the right places.

and another said, my heart is broken
by beauty's Mystery,
and the brokenness is beautiful.

i didn't say it out loud, but i think
that is beautiful,
to be able to call this all beautiful.

and one more said months ago
and it's stuck ever since -- (just like his heart):
it's a cesspool of beauty.

and He never said I didn't make it hard
and He never said I didn't let it break
Only that it is beautiful anyway.
it is a tangled web we weave
and any other entanglement
never comes out right in the end.

but His entanglement is
beautiful even now.

so long as you look at it right.

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